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Occasional Cleaning Service

Palm Coast, Flagler Beach, Bunnell, Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, Port Orange, St Augustine

Occasional Cleaning Service

Maid 4 Cleaning has been offering professional & quality occasional cleaning service for 15 years

If your house needs a deep clean or needs cleaning on a less-frequent basis, Maid4Cleaning offers Occasional Cleaning Service designed to help you maintain a clean environment when you need it most. Rest assured, whether we clean one-time or on a regular schedule, your house will be absolutely spotless when we leave.

Maintaining a clean workplace is not an easy task. Staff members often eat at desks, leave food in the fridge & contaminant touch points such as door knobs and other shared work areas. It’s estimated that 80% of infections are transmitted by touch. “Hot Desking” adds to the hygiene dilemma, as does sharing computer mice and telephones. This is where our occasional cleaning service company comes in, we help in maintaining a healthy and clean workplace.

Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed!

We pride ourselves on being one of the best home cleaning service providers with years of experience. This service is great for a tired professional, parents who want to be freed from additional household responsibilities or the elderly.

Our cleaning services sets us apart from our competition. Our customers keep coming back to us. We provide cleaning services that are top notch and we keep our customers homes, apartments & condos super clean, right down to the little details. Our attention to detail & extensive cleaning service is the reason we continue to grow our list of happy customers!

This service includes:

  • Kitchen and Bathrooms are thoroughly cleaned
  • Sinks are cleaned and the fixtures are shined
  • Whole house is vacuumed and mopped
  • Doors and windows including the frames are cleaned
  • Cabinets, counter tops, areas under the furniture are cleaned
  • Interior as well as exterior of all the appliances are cleaned
  • Outer areas of the ACs and fans are cleaned
  • Window blinds are cleaned
  • Carpets are vacuumed and cobwebs are cleared

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